I Only Have Eyes For You

nolanfunk: How cute does @katgrahampics look here????!!! #CheekToCheek

nolanfunk: How cute does @katgrahampics look here????!!! #CheekToCheek

Seriously, I wanted a spa day.

btvs: 3x20 // ats: 1x08
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2x20 || 2x21

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2x18 || 5x22  Damon joking to make Bonnie smile in the face of impending doom, requested by anonymous

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I’m not very good at Twitter and I don’t go on it very often, but when I do read through things people have Tweeted I’m shocked at how direct they are. I mean, proposals of marriage and things like that. I’m not gonna say yes to someone I’ve never met, am I?

TVD meme[1/7] Deaths
∟ “Jeremy wasn’t supposed to die. It was the will of Nature. There is no magic in this world that is strong enough to challenge it.